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White water rafting is one of the most adventurous activity you can ever do near Mumbai and Pune:

It is a Group activity but also can be enjoyed by a single person.

White water Rafting Day Picnic booking is done at Kamath Nature Resort Raigad   and starts with a Tasty Breakfast at the resort.

Then you have to leave for the Rafting site at Vile Gaon,Kundalika river where yu will be initially given a small training of 15 minutes followed by a trial run.

or email honm at aken Upstream to the Kundalika White Water Rafting site where you will enjoy the activity and travel through the river for approximately 5 to 8 kilometers.

Click here for White Water Rafting Packages and to book your Rafting exorience,Speak to Kaviraj Patil at 09869279937 or email him at reachus@kamathresidency.com.

Visit www.kamathresidency.com for more details.

Other Adventure Activities Include as follows,


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One day Picnics at resorts near mumbai and pune are one of the most ideal events you can have fun with your friends and family with.

If you have not met with your friends or family for a longer period of time,Planning a One day picnics are nearby resorts near Mumbai and Pune can be a perfect solution to this problem.

Having a fun day picnic involves a few things that you should plan to have a great experience.

  1. Choose the Right Venue for your one day picnics at resorts near mumbai and pune.Firstly you should be able to choose a good venue to spend the whole day. Although going to a tourist destination, or picnic location might be ideal for some, It doesn’t give them the feeling for enjoying the whole place as that dosent have the exclusiveness of spending time at a single venue. I suggest a good Resort or hotel near mumbai and pune where you can chill out and have a fun filled day.  Click Here to know more http://kamathresidency.com/picnic-spots-near-mumbai-pune/.                                   
  2. The venue must have excellent Food and Beverage facilities: Once you choose the venue,It must be kept in mind that all things necessary to make it the best day ever should be available at the resort itself.They should be able to take care of the Food and Service Click here for dning facilities http://kamathresidency.com/dining/






3. There must be loads and loads of activities to be done at the resort: Here are some of the activities you can consider you should be able to do when you are at the resort,

  • Play Indoor Outdoor Games like Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess, Badminton, Cricket, Football, Volleyball.
  • Some Adventure Activities like Rappelling, Rock Climbing, Archery, Air Rifle Shooting, Flying Fox etc.


  • Raindance or some kind of music and Dance facility.

All of these make a good activity list to lead your Ideal day picnics are resorts near mumbai and pune to succession. Click here to know more!  

Or call 09869279937 or email us at reachus@kamathresidency.com.

Check out the location by clicking here.

Situated in close proximity to Mumbai and Pune, Kamath Residency Nature Resort bring to you one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Western India. Experience one-day adventure picnics at one of the best resorts in the country. You’re bound to experience warmth, comfort, and excitement like never before!

The One Day Adventure Picnic package is inclusive of breakfast, lunch, and evening snacks.

Taxes As Applicable.

Amazing One Day Adventure Picnics – Start At Rs.1799/– per person.
* Inclusive Of Activities and Food
Activities Rain dance, Rappelling, Rock Climbing and Team Building Games
Food Breakfast, lunch, and evening snacks
One Day Adventure Activity Picnics are for both individuals and groups of all ages. Have fun with adventure sports designed to be challenging, life-changing experiences that aid in team building. The more you put in, the more you get out of it!
Activities are carried out by certified professionals,who are well trained in the field of Outbound Adventure.
All adventure activities are conducted using genuine equipment for the optimum safety of our guests.
Kindly confirm your bookings by informing our Sales Representatives on 09869279937 before making any type of online payments. Admission Subject To Prior Reservation.

You can Enjoy a One Day Picnic at the resort Without Adventure Activities.

The Fare is only Rs.999/- Per Person.


Check-in at 9:00 pm. Multi Cuisine Breakfast.
Enjoy Indoor Outdoor games like Carrom, Badminton ,Volley Ball, Cricket,Table tennis, Chess etc.(All Game Equipments are available at the resort.)
Multi-cuisine Buffet Unlimited Lunch. Swimming Pool, Rain Dance and Music.
Evening High Tea with Light Snacks and Tea Coffee.

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Hi there,Gopal Kamath Here from Kamath Resort.
I don’t know about you,But when it comes to getting wet,I am in front of the line.I meant in the rains…Nothing else 🙂
If you haven’t noticed yet, Rains have started and Monsoon has arrived (If I am not proved wrong) and here comes the season of Getting Wet.
Well,After getting Baked like a Choco Chips Muffin all along from March until a few past days ,Who wouldn’t want to not officially get off that Heat Train. I mean I am Brown as hell just looking at that heat let alone walk under it!
I mean If you really want to get along your life as if No Heat Stroke hit you,I would have to call you Super Man by Now!
For me , it was nothing less than a Nasty Heat Stroke. Man ohh Man. Finally rains have come to the rescue and If we are lucky this might be the feeling closest to my Honeymoon (Relaxation  i mean….U naughty)
Neways…Coming back to finding ways to help you enjoy this Greenery laden Mausam,Here are a few ways you can cool Your Backside off my Resort!
  • A Super Quick Monsoon Day Picnic loaded with Pool,Rain dance,Lip smacking food and Some adventure if you are feeling a bit outlandish. 
  • A Night stay this weekend if your wife is really pissed off on you for not giving her time for last 2  to  3 Months. Its better to get her here at My resort. There are a lot of places to Run from her ,Hide and she might even forget why she is upset on you! 🙂
  • If you are feeling mildly Adventurous and want to do some trekking and something..ask for a Jungle Safari to Kansai Waterfalls near my resort. This will scratch the adventure itch on you.
  • Lastly for the Hardcore Adventurers, White Water Rafting Excursions are one of the Most sught after expeditions diring Monsoons. Rafting is sure to scare the heck out of your pyjamas but some people like it.If you are one of those…Heck yaaa.Call us and we will get you wet and thrilled at the same time.Not that rafting is more enjoyed when there is a group. Alone might be scary in itself.For others if you know what i mean!
All and more of this is explained in a lot more details if you go to my resort site  www.kamathresidency.com or you can call 09869279937 and someone will be on that phone to take care of you.
Monsoons are best enjoyed with Onion Pakodas and Hot Tea .(Don’t forget to ask for that  with my guys)
Happy Wetation…(I tried to merge Wet and vacation but the merger came out wrong 🙂
Enjoy your day,
Stay happy always,
Gopal Kamath
Kamath Resort
PS 1 : Pls share this with your Friends, Family and colleagues.Who knows if anybody is looking for a good place to chill out and your information might get to him at the right time and help him do so. He will bless you for that and we will  kiss you  for that! 🙂
PS 2 : Now is the time to tell your Team Leader / Manager to plan that Office Picnic (If you haven’t already) and get together to ‘Get The Freak On’ At My Resort. After all there are only so many places where you have the Right Nature,Right Food and Right People all together at a single location. Call 09869279937 or email your requirements to reachus@kamathresidency.com and relax.We will do the rest!

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Why does a resort feel like home even after coming for as good as three times.Watch this review from our regular guests.Heart Warming.

A Group Of 34 People Review their Experience First Hand at Kamath Residency Nature Resort. Non edited straight from the heart review of a few guests .


So many Reviews and experiences at Kamath Resort that we had to show them all.Have a look at this straight from the heart narration by our beloved guests.


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Heck Yaa! This is one of the most touchiest topics I have ever encountered while dealing with my spouse or any other person I come face to face with.

Call it a rant or some crazy thought but aren’t  we spending a hell of a time on our Phones, Ipads , Laptops or even computers. (TV is sidelined nowadays as we get more than necessary information and entertainment on our phones via Whatsapp,FB and what not)

I am guilty of that too.For 2 full years I was hooked to this Whats app crazy phone.I was worse than a Cocaine Addict.Checking my Phone every 2 minutes to see what has popped up, Any new message, Any New Raunchy Video…Another Joke May be.

This rage for instant gratification went on so crazy that once I literally was going to ram my car into a person crossing the road. (That was a close call)

After that life altering event (For both of us 🙂 ),I decided to get rid of this pain in the butt.

You see,If you take a bird’s eye view of all these things happening, Our entertainment time has split from a Major 2 to 3 hours TV exposure to small minute bits of moments spread over the whole day.

While you might think that this is good and entertainment is always better,Think again.

What this is robbing you from is more important that what its giving you.

Firstly you are less productive.Lets face it. any person who focuses on a single job at hand without any distractions is going to be more effective,more efficient and fast compared to a person who is partially attentive.

Secondly and most importantly it robs your family of the quality time you could have spend with them. Now I have 2 daughters and when they ask me for my attention and i am engrossed in that stupid phone of mine,What signal am I giving them. Firstly not to listen.Cause I am not listening to them. And secondly pay more attention to your phone and not the person talking to you.

I also recognized that my daughters are getting bigger fast day by day and one time will come that I will be in the position craving for their attention and they would be the ones not paying attention to me.So I better Man up, Get my shit together and call off these little Temporary pleasure busters and pay attention and relish their childhood before its too late n vanishes in thin air!

Here are some Tips to tame this animal:

  • Mute all notifications: this is one of the best things you can do to increase your productivity at work.When your phone keeps on doing BEEP PEEP or whatever sound it does,You are distracted and it costs you efficiency.and efficiency is money man.
  • Schedule No Phone Time each day for at least 2 to 3 hours.Make sure you do not touch your phone.IF you can switch it off even better.Make sure you use that time to connect with your spouse,parents,kids,friends etc. I recently came to know about my favorite Mausi falling sick and I thought..I should have met her often,Spend more time with her. Use this time to connect with people.
  • Plan a No Phone Vacation with your family. I know its hard,you might lose business etc etc.But thats all BS. Switch it off from morning to evening  and check your messages and missed calls 1 hour at night.I promise you ,this works.after doing this,you will discover that it was not much of a deal.(Unless there is a critical situation).When you plan a vacation with your family, it if of utmost importance that you give attention to them and not anywhere else.

Follow these steps to Manage your Distraction and lead a Happy Life with your family.

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Hi, Gopal Kamath Here.
That’s what many of us think when we really get bored working week after week without a break. We actually start thinking that Sundays …(When most of us get up late in the mornings…) are our vacation days!
If that’s what you think, Let me tell you a story!
I used to think the same way a couple of years back. Even though I own a resort,I never used to go out or take my family with me. Years and years of continuous work did get me the financial success I had planned for. But this only happened at the cost of my family.

My wife and I were not that connected as when we had married. My kids were into their own thing as they had pretty lost touch of what it was like getting their father to play with them.

Whenever I came home from work, It was the usual Grind…Eat Dinner, Watch Tv and go to sleep.

Then once while I was travelling, I was watching a old lady sitting next to me.She was talking on the phone and I could make out it was her grand kid on the other side. They were talking pretty deeply connected and It stuck me that how much time she must have invested in developing that relationship with her grand kid.
Then it dawned on me that if I do not spend this time…the foundation of developing relationships with my Wife and Kids…There will be nothing justify for them to share when they get big or old.

Work is Important but ‘ Family Comes First’.
You have got to balance both the things if you really want to live a fulfilled life.

Taking vacations gives you the opportunity to develop those intimate moments with your family and loved ones and lets you strengthen that bond. It gives you a mush needed Uninterrupted time and situation where you can create quality memories with them, Moments of joy which you will store in your brain and keep recollecting every now and then.

Robin Sharma The great motivational speaker and Management guru recommends that you should take 1 week off after every 4 weeks of hard focused work. Although doing that might not be possible for you,You can still take a week off every 3 to 6 months to reload that hard disk in your brain and add some great memories to it.

Happy Vacationing,
Gopal Kamath

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There are many beautiful and luxurious resorts that are located near Mumbai where couples have the option of spending quality times with each other during the monsoon season. These resorts provide perfect privacy to the personal moments of the couples and serve them good quality dishes and drinks. We shall mention some of these resorts below:

Hidden Village Resort

This beautiful resort occupies four acres of forest lands and is a perfect destination for couples seeking to enjoy the monsoon season. They can view from the resort window turbulent splashing of rain much prominently. They have the option of getting traditional food and can engage in various indoor amusement activities.

Paradise Village Beach Resort
This wonderful resort is located in Calangute Beach of Goa and is the perfect quality time spending destination near Mumbai. The resort comprised of air-conditioned beach cottages, suites and studio rooms. Couples checking-in to these cottages have nice balcony view of the amazing beach of Goa.

Lagoona Resort
This eco-friendly resort is located in Lonavla and a quite suitable destination for couples to spend intimate moments during the monsoon time. Couples can revive their lost spirit through plunging in the swimming pool of the resort and enjoying other amusing activities in the resort.

Royal Garden Resort
This resort located in the check post of Dahisar in Ahmedabad-Mumbai Highway and occupies about 7 acres of greenish surroundings. It comprised of suite rooms, deluxe rooms and super deluxe rooms. Couples have the options of tasting varieties of Continental and Chinese cuisines and can enjoy private moments in privacy.

Upper Desk Resort
This resort comprised of 50 decked rooms. Couples checking-in these rooms have the scope of viewing Rajmachi Fort and Valvan Reservoir. They can also enjoy swimming in open air pool and several weekend parties and concerts of the resort.

Fariyas Resort
This five-star hotel near Mumbai is a perfect holiday destination for couples during monsoon. Here they can enjoy absolute privacy to love each other. Each room is designed on contemporary styles with all facilities. Couples can also enjoy from balcony the outer natural settings.

The Machan Resort
This resort near Mumbai is remarkable for wooden style architecture with spiral stair. After checking-in such resort couples can enjoy the scenic forest beauty while loving each other.

Treasure Island Resort
It occupies about 8.5 acres of lands and couples have the option of selecting lagoon villas where they will receive every facility to enjoy their personal moments to rejuvenate their lost strength.

Mystica Resort
This wonderful resort is located in the valley between Khandala and Lonavla. Couples can enjoy the nice walking in the Khandalaghats. The resort also holds ceremonies like marriage, official conference and honeymoon. Here artificial swimming pool and waterfall are available for the guests.

Dukes Retreat
It is located in Khandala and is quite ideal place for the couples to enjoy holidays during monsoon. Couples do get the scope of tasting various cuisine dishes and drinks. They also share the experience of having a nice hangout.

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Raigad district in Maharashtra is mainly known for its various temples and historic forts. Foreign nationals every year come to visit these spots and appreciate the architectural styles and historical backgrounds behind the formation of such forts and temples in the district. We shall now mention some of these forts and temples in detail below:

Raigad Fort

Raigad Fort is an important destination for every tourist in India from the historical prospective. This fort under the leadership of Shivaji had reached to its highest glory during the Mughal rule in India. It is from this for that Shivaji planned his most adventurous campaigns against the Mughal’s and the Sultan of Bijapur. There are many historical spots that can be seen inside this fort which mainly include Queens Palace, Nana Darwaja, Rajbhawan and many more.

Sri Harihareshwar Temple

This holy temple is located in the south of Raigad district. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva along with Mother Goddess. Millions of devotees visit this temple to purify their mind and soul. The surrounding atmosphere of the temple is quite tranquil and spiritual. People can enjoy the scenic beauty of Savitri River on their way to this temple.

Kondhavi fort

Kondhavi fort is stationed in village of Kondhavi near the place of Poladpur. The fort was primarily constructed for protecting KashediGhat and has immense historical significance to the local people of the region. Visitors will see a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva which is still worshipped by the residents of nearby villages. This temple is constructed in the top position of the fort.

Jagadishwar Temple

This temple was constructed by Shivaji and is about 25 km north of Malad. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and the architectural style of its dome bears resemblance to that of Mughal period. The surrounding area of the temple is quite for meditation to calm minds.

Purandar Fort
Purandar fort serves as a garrison for Marathi soldiers where they can took shelter as well as could store weapons and foods in case of emergency. People visiting this historical fort can see other places such as Padmavati Lake, Khandakada, Kedareshwar and many more. This fort is ideal for nice strolling and to be immersed in the historical nostalgia of that period.

ShriBallaleshwar Temple

This sacred temple is dedicated to Lord Ganesha and is located in Sudhagad area of Raigad. People visiting this temple can see other interesting places like old Marathi forts on their way to reach the destination. The temple is named after an ardent devotee of Ganesha and had been constructed during the Mughal rule in India.

Mrugagad Fort

This small fort is situated in Tiger Valley between Lonavla and Khandala. Visitors can reach this fort from Khopoli. Visitors can see while strolling in the fort objects like cave in the top of the fort, small pond inside the fort and some ruins of old houses. The fort was constructed to monitor surrounding villages and areas.

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There are some resorts in Maharashtra which provide varieties of adventurous activities to its boarders that need to be participated in groups. As a result there develops a feeling of team spirit among every boarder which helps them to a considerable extent in their future course of life. In this respect the most prominent resort that comes to our mind is Kamath Residency Nature Resort. This resort is located in-between Pune and Mumbai and is ideal for spending vacations with children, friends and families. The resort is known for varieties of adventure activities mentioned below:

Rock climbing

Only physically fit boarders are allowed to participate in this adventurous activity. It begins in the early morning under the supervision of a trained expertise person. The nearby hill in the resort serves as a perfect place for rock climbing. Both men and women can participate in this game. The resort arranges for food and water for the participants. Before participating in the activity they have to register themselves paying a nominal amount and the resort will not be responsible in case of cancellation of the sport because of adverse weather.

Water Rafting

This is the most exciting water sport and participants have to register before joining it. For this game the ideal spot is Kundalika River. Participants must be physically and mentally strong and must not have problems like asthma. Children below the age of 12 years are not allowed to participate in this game. The game begins quite early in the early under the supervision of experienced rafter. The resort will not refund if the sport is cancelled due to bad weather.

Mountain Bike riding

This adventure activity requires lot of physical strength and fitness for participating. It involves riding in the rocky terrain of Western Ghats and plateau region for enjoying fun and experience. Young men and women are only allowed to participate in this game under the supervision of experienced rider. The resort is not liable for any expenditure in case of any injury to the participant.

Jet Ski

This adventurous activity is mainly concentrated around nearby river of the resort. Both men and women boarders can participate in this game. They need to pay a special charge to participate in this activity. People having any sort of nerve problem will not be allowed to participate in the game. The game starts early morning and participants have the scope of enjoying fresh morning air while playing the game. The boarders must participate on their own responsibility.

Flying fox

The game is truly adventures and participants must be strong and flexible enough to play this game. The resort makes perfect arrangement for such game including strong rope and cables. The boarders have to move from one end to another end withthe help of these ropes and cables. The game is monitored by professional supervisors who check the quality of the ropes and cables before allowing the participants to use.

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Traveling with child is quite tough for many families because every child naturally shows excitement and looks forward to play different games. So it is quite important to make such kids busy so that no additional problem occurs while visiting new places. At tender age all kids do not have the idea of exerting additional pressure up on the parents. Parents can adopt following tactics after finding a suitable resort to keep busy their kids. We shall now mention some of these tactics below:

Use of indoor games: Parents while travelling to new places must always bring chess board or carom board or checker board to keep their kids busy after checking into the resort room. With these gaming items child will not cause any further trouble and the parents can easily make themselves relaxed inside the room. It is the most appropriate way of keeping the child busy because they prefer to spend favorable past times with such stuffs. Bringing video games would also be much better as the child will not disturb to go out of the room.

Viewing of mirror maze: Parents must check-in resort having perfect indoor entertainment arrangements for the kids. The most amazing entertainment for kids in such resort can be mirror maze which will sufficiently keep them busy and will be a perfect hangout time in the resort. But this game must be played in the presence of parents to avoid any harm to the kids. Besides, the game is so much attractive that kids may hardly bother their parents to step outside the resort.

Watching the tricks of magician: Many resorts often arrange for magic shows for guests including the kids. It will be a perfect day out for the kids as they would be totally engrossed in watching magic shows which they have not seen before. Parents want to check-in such resorts which arrange for such shows to occupy the attention of the kids. In this way kids forget to make unjustified demands before the parents.

Watching live musical performance: The attention of the kids can be easily shifted to other direction when will be brought to witness the live music concert in the resort. It can be considered as an ideal day out for the kids as they will be completely engrossed in chanting the musical sounds and songs they heard in the concert. Parents can relieve to a considerable extent as they do not have to face the cry of their kids to roam outside the resort. Besides, the hangover of such concerts will always be on the mind of such kids and so they do not press for other demands.

Visiting resort garden: This is another affordable day out for the kids in a resort. Visiting resort garden kids will automatically run after the butterflies or watch the beautiful flowers. So they will not disturb the parents for quite sometimes.

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