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Maharashtra has great diversity as a tourist destination. It has caves, temples, islands, palace, park, museum and more. Similarly, those who are willing to visit and stay at nature resorts have a lot of options. These resorts which are established amidst natural landscape serve as ideal weekend gateway. They provide the much needed serenity to escape into the nature from the noise of city. Village and nature resorts can be an ideal destination to celebrate anniversary and birthdays with family members. The visitors are likely to have many activities to pursue which makes the trip memorable.

Mentioned below are some of the well known village and nature resorts for a thrilling weekend:

The Machan
Located in Jambulne, the eco-friendly resort is at 2.5 hours of driving distance from Mumbai. It has high rise tree houses available at rent which are 30-45 feet over the forest. Visitors get nothing less than a balance of luxurious comforts and spectacular views. People come here with friends and family members to spend some day off away from the busy city. It is suitable spot to unwind and reconnect with close ones. Visitors can pursue activities like sightseeing, birding and trekking.

Sajan Nature Club
Close to Vikramgardh, it is located at 115 km of distance from Mumbai. The nature resort offers plenty of activities for a weekend relaxation. It is spread over 30 acres of picturesque landscape with enough nature centric experiences. Visitors can relax at stilted wooden AC cottages, Dormitory, AC cottages and non AC cottages. There is onsite swimming pool, conference hall and indoor gaming section. An array of activities like wall climbing, boating, rappelling, valley crossing and nature walks can be pursued.

Green Village
After a hectic week at office, a refreshing break to recharge oneself can be taken at Green Village resort. Stretching across five acres of lush greenery, it is almost a natural paradise for visitors. It is suitable place for family gatherings to spend some time in a serene atmosphere. Many people celebrate special occasions like wedding, cultural programmes and annual corporate meetings at Green Village resort. Visitors are assured of highest standards of hospitality. There is a, jaccuzzi pool, steam & sauna, and gymnasium. Visitors can also play a round or two of lawn tennis, pool and snookers, and table tennis.

Prakruti Resort
At 3 hours of driving distance from Mumbai, the resort is located around Kashid. It is basically a sea village in Raigad district stretching more than 100 acres of diverse scenery. Vividness of nature and tranquillity can be experienced against a rugged forest backdrop and sea providing a panoramic view. Visitors can take a relaxing walk along the beaches which is stone’s throw away from the resort.

Harshgiri Lake Resort
Located at 90 km away from Mumbai, the lake resort offers numerous pleasures for a comfortable stay. It has a peaceful atmosphere which transports the visitors to a joyous world.
There are several amenities and luxurious facilities apart from high standard accommodation. This resort is placed around Shahpur on the Mumbai-Nasik highway which is 60 kms away from Thane.

Kamath Residency Nature Resort is one of the closest resorts near Mumbai and pune for outings in Maharashtra.

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Mumbai and nearby places have many destinations suitable to organize office weekend party. Such places are ideally suited for the company members to bond over food, dance and music. Parties are meant for relaxing in good company with cocktails. Those who are exhausted after performing on dance floor can sit back to enjoy a long drink. Mixed aged crowd can be great way to have an energetic party mood with DJ’s playing feet thumping tunes. The below listed placed are will set the mood for a perfect part atmosphere.


The beach facing restaurant is well positioned to serve as a perfect setting for office weekend party. It is a classy and happening spot often frequented by celebrities and high profile socialites. Often food is the main attraction at restaurant but Aurus impresses in decor and guest entertainment. It has chandelier clad interiors with an ambience which hardly requires a dressing up. The restaurant serves as a great space to throw a party and unwind with office colleagues. It has a youthful charm and elegance which is surely hard to match up in Mumbai.

Tote on the turf

The architectural marvel rests on the ground level of Mahalaxmi race course. Spread over 8,000 sq feet, it manages to blend old world charm and urban vibe. The fun and inviting space is perfectly suited to organize office weekend party with senior and junior colleagues. It has the ability to accommodate and host up to 600 people. There is a facility to rent the downstairs space completely which includes the restaurant section. Party goers would be spoilt for options in cuisine offerings ranging from Indian to European.

Nature Trails Resort

Weekends would surely turn into party by landing at Nature Trails, located at two hours of driving distance from Mumbai. There are three different resorts which serve as suitable team outing places around the city. Various nature based sports and adventure activities can be pursued with mixed age office colleagues. Many activities such as fishing, rappelling, forest trails, and kayaking can be enjoyed with whole team. It will be different type of weekend party experience amidst natural settings.

Four Seasons Pavilion

The city dwellers can expect a perfect party atmosphere in this pavilion located in the garden area of Four Seasons hotel. It is well suited to host office weekend parties and treat the guests in a classy way. Natural sunlight can enter through French floor to ceiling windows and artificial lighting will also enhance classy minimalistic interiors. There is also a special seating area with comfortable sofa to give a homely touch. Hotel also provides assistance in the arrangement of decorator and DJ. Party goers can also experiment with menu offerings ranging from Indian to Mexican, Italian to Thai and Japanese to Cantonese

Dukes Retreat Khandala

The exotic resort is situated amidst dense green hills provides spectacular views of water streams. It is located at an hour of driving distance from the Mumbai International Airport. Watching the water streams moving down the hillside from terrace space would be relaxing to eyes and other senses. It is a great place to have office weekend party with the entire team. Some nature based adventure activities will serve as perfect indulgence with office colleagues.

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There are many romantic resorts in India where couple can spend quality time for knowing each other quite closely. These resorts are specially prepared for such romantic purposes and the owners of such resorts take great care of the privacy of such couples. Now we shall mention some of these romantic resorts below:

Butt’s Clermont Houseboats in Srinagar
It is the ideal romantic resort in Kashmir where couples can enjoy their intimate moments without any disturbance to their privacy. These five houseboats resort are situated on the shores of western Dal Lake. Couples checking- in these houseboats resort have the option of viewing snow-capped peaks, placid water and other beautiful objects of nature closely from the wooden window of the houseboat resort.

Nandadevi Estate in Uttarakhand
This heritage site in Uttarakhand comprised of three bungalows and is located at an altitude of 7500 m in the Kumaon region of the Himalayas. Couples checking –in this resort have the option of visiting the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary. Their privacy will be absolutely taken care and so they have problem in spending quality times together.

The Manchan Lonavala
This resort comprising of four tree houses is located outskirt of the city of Lonavala. The resort offers absolute calm and tranquil environment for spending quality times with loved ones. It provides perfect view of sky and surrounding forestlands.

Taj Falaknuma Palace
This heritage resort is situated in Hyderabad and is perfect for romantic couples to check-in. Consists of 60 restored rooms it will provide the impression of leading the life of aristocrat and is an ideal background for candle light dinner.

Barefoot in Andaman
Couples checking-in here have the option of enjoying the natural surroundings of the region. Each of the 19 villas and cottages are built with tribal architectural style and provides perfect environment for sharing intimate moments.

Devi Garh in Udaipur
This heritage resort is located at the backdrop of Aravali Hills provides perfect environment for spending quality times with the loved ones. Couples have the option of purchasing bangles and jewellery from the local market near the resort.

Tea Estate of Glenburn
This beautiful resort is located in Darjeeling with Mount Kanchenjunga providing the perfect backdrop to the scenery. Couples have the option of viewing tea leaves plucking by the estate workers and can taste the famous Darjeeling tea with cheap cost.

Wildflower Hall
This romantic resort is located in the forest of Himachal Pradesh and provides peaceful and tranquil atmosphere for enjoying intimate moments with loved ones.

Kabinakkad Estate
This heritage resort is located in Coorg and provides ideal time spending in the lap of nature. Couples can view coffee plantation estates and can drink pure Karnataki coffee. They can also enjoy sweet tunes of humming birds and can enjoy the local food.

Oberoi Vanyavilas
This luxurious resort is located close to the Ranthambore forest. Couples living in this resort have the option of experiencing adventurous activities in the jungle of Ranthambore.

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Weekends are great a relief after a busy week at workplace. Instead of lazing around, it may be better to plan for adventurous and fun outdoor activities. It is a great way to involve friends or family members to have a chat and laugh. Such activities can be a much needed escape from the weekly wear and tear. Given below is a list of activities which can be pursued to have a perfect weekend outing.


It refers to living outdoors by using tent for a shelter which tests the strength, coordination and flexibility. Campers move away from civilization into nature’s wilderness for one or extra nights. The campsites are designed to make space other activities like swimming, hiking, binge drinking and fishing. A wide selection of tent camping equipments should be carried for serving different purposes. In many instances, the campers use campfire to prepare food by cooking. There are some tent camping sites which are reachable by car. Those who are looking for a rugged experience outdoors may also camp under the sky without any shelter.

Outdoor photography

Photography has grown into a full time hobby with people of different age groups. It allows one to be creative by capturing images of landscapes, birds, objects, etc. Each photo can be almost like stealing a moment from colorful surroundings. Making the subject appear attractive and centre of attention should be the real approach. There are many choices around to select a digital camera, SLR camera, DSLR camera or even some smartphones come with high quality inbuilt camera.
The dawn or dusk period can be a great time to click snapshots. There is warm and golden color which can make the subject strikingly beautiful.


Swimming in natural clean waters with friends can be quite exciting after a busy week. It is not just about a swimming pool but people are gradually exploring nearby lakes and rivers for swimming. The location should be within a walking distance or convenient distance. A scorching sunny day or rainy day can be suitable time to experience the fun out of a swimming session. Basic things like towel, swimming costume, sun screen lotion, hats and bags should be carried comfortably to the place.
Bird watching

Sitting with friends at an outdoor location and watching different species of birds can be relaxing. Many birds migrate from one place to another or even one country to another. Watching them flying, feeding, and nesting brings you closer to nature. It is quite easy to get started with things like binoculars, food, or even a camera. It can also enrich the knowledge about different birds while sharing thoughts with like-minded company. One can also spread some food and water on a space to find out if the birds are interested or not.


There would be few people on this earth with a dislike for cricket. Planning a match between two teams comprising family members and friends would be fun. It will be almost like a reunion and having drinks and food options is a great addition. Holding the bat and scoring runs will also bring back happy memories of childhood.

Kamath Residency Nature Resort is one of sucl places where you can Indulge in these activities.

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Employee retention is a challenge faced by human resource department of even the top class organisations. However, reducing employee attrition is very much possible in the uncertain atmosphere. Things like poor leadership, wasting the time of employees and improper HR practises may lead to increased employee attrition. Consequently, it is advisable to keep the good and high performing employees happy. According to certain research outcomes, it may cost an organisation almost one fifth of an employee’s yearly salary to have a suitable replacement. Follow the below mentioned tips in order to slow down the revolving process at your company:

Hire the suitable candidates selectively
One of the best ways to reduce employee attrition is hiring the right employees. Recruit candidates with only the exact qualifications and personality for the job. Consequently, they’ll learn quicker and perform better in the long run.

Recognize and reward the employees
Display the employees how much they are valued at workplace by showering rewards for better performances. Celebrate the success of each and every contributor by appreciating their efforts with tangible rewards. Ensure the participation of employees from other departments and make it a social affair.

Replace people who don’t fit

There are some instances when a company fails to get an employee who suits the role. Any random recruitment may not produce the desired results in the long run. Consequently, a bad fit can be bad for the office culture. Remove all the employees who just don’t fit in your office. Get rid of problematic employees and fire employees with negative attitude.
Teach a lesson or two on time management

Time management is necessary to complete a project and deliver it as per a deadline. Spend some time with employees or have sessions to teach them prioritizing and completing work on time. Honest efforts are likely to bring future workplace success in more ways than one.

Provide flexibility

Employees crave for a professional and personal life balance. It can impact employee retention directly. According to a research outcome, 80% employees and 75% managers revealed that flexible working conditions had positive effects on employee retention.

Reduce boredom and communicate more

Employees are likely to get bored when they remain underutilized. Engage them in activities which help them to learn more about leadership, switching roles, and job responsibilities. Communication should be a priority in different levels of management with either a monthly newsletter or town hall meeting.

Review and assess the employee concerns regularly

Make some reasonable efforts to address the concern of your employees. Show them that you are making such an effort. Whenever employees find that their comments and suggestions are valued, they’ll open up on various aspects of the business. It will help in understanding the inner workings of the company.

Create opportunities for growth and development

Employees often rate a company based on the scope and opportunities for growth. According to a survey, there is a direct link between lack of growth opportunities and higher employee attrition. Prepare your employees to meet the future challenges for them to invest their time and effort wholeheartedly.

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The most romantic season is here. Flora and fauna are waking up to fresh air and water. Where are you? It doesn’t take much to chill out during monsoons. You just need to let your hair down and step outside.

But if you want to have some more fun with your loved ones, here are top 3 favorite monsoon getaway themes that will not empty your pockets. And remember, monsoon are just something good for our ecosystem, it also gets along some significant “Monsoon Offers & Deep Discounts” for holiday seekers.

Weekend Getaways That DO NOT Empty Pockets!

Rain Dance at the Dome followed by Garam Pakoda Chai

No. 1: Rain-dance & Cuppa Garam Chai & Onion Pakodas – Did you ever try this? I bet, 4 out of 5 people have not tried this on a weekend, well almost. You might have had one of these or two, but just try doing this with your friends this weekend and have a blast. Catch the magic moments on your digicam and share them on Facebook. Then invite more friends to join you the next weekend for a Monsoon Meetup and voila! You have a mini bash at almost no cost.

Want to make this happen at a picnic destination with larger space and other fun activities to do?

  • Monsoon Day Picnics start at Rs.650/- Per Person (Minimum 20 people
  • Includes sumptuous Breakfast, Veg-Non-Veg Lunch and Evening Snac
  • Add to it Rain-dance at the special dome in the resort and there you go!

Jungle Trek In Monsoons Are 100% More Fun

No. 2: Jungle Trekking & Waterfalls & Valley View – If are staying at places close to mountainous terrains, you are in for some healthy monsoon fun. For every valley turns into a small jungle, mysteriously surrounded by lush greenery and with every downpour there is a waterfall formed. Now this might sound quite commonsensical, isn’t it? However, if you are the type that loves rains, drag along a couple of friends for a monsoon hike to nearby mountains. It will be and amazing experience, and a great opportunity for all of you to break free of flooded city-streets, chaotic traffic snarls and hum-drum drudgery of live!

In Monsoons Konkan Road Are Walking In Heaven

If you want a well-organized trip, plan a Trek To The Kansai Waterfalls.

  • At Rs.950/- Per Person (Minimum 20 people), you will enjoy
  • Sumptous Breakfast, Veg-Non-Veg Lunch, Evening Snacks and
  • A Guided Jungle Trek To The Waterfalls!
  • Kayaking and White Water Rafting near Mumbai


No. 3: White Water Rafting & Kayaking & Adrenalin Pumping – Now this is strictly for the outgoing and adventure loving fellow in you. And specially for those of you who want to do all of the above and get lot’s of “get-back-to-work” dosage for the next couple of months. For nothing can be as spectacular as white water river rafting on the Kundalika River. Exciting rapids will carry you through 90 minutes challenging your extreme courage and guts. During monsoons, when the river water is at its peak, you can get maximum fun. And there are other activities like kayaking, river crossing and boating through the river.

Need I say that this is the most happening of all monsoon weekend getaway themes? Check out this exciting package from Kamath Residency Resort near Kolad,

  • Stay With Rafting Monsoon Weekend Getaw
  • 1Day/1Night Stay In A/c Cottage with 1st Day Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner at the reso
  • Next day morning – Rafting Activity, Lunch, Departur
  • Transport has to be arranged by the guests and is not includ
  • Charges are Rs. 4000/- Per Person For a Group of 4 People Or Rs. 5000/- Per Couple

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If you need a well planned monsoon holiday near Mumbai or Pune, or a one day picnic for outbound training, Kamath Residency Resort offers just what you want. For more information:

View Special Offers From check Attractive Tariff | Holiday Packages| Top Picnic Spots Nearby | Various Adventure Sports| Book Online with Credit Cards! Or call +91 9869279937 to inquire.

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Mumbai and nearby areas have many spots to serve as suitable corporate picnic location. It doesn’t mean going away from civilization and leaving civic amenities behind. Group lunches, dinners and coffee outings could be a great way to understand co-workers in a social situation. Celebration of a colleague’s birthday to a long term worker’s farewell, a company picnic could be a memorable experience. Mumbai is widely referred as dream city and there are many scenic locations for a perfect company picnic here. Some of these are as mentioned below:

Nirvana Adventure Camp:

There are several sport or fitness activities for employees to indulge in this delightful place. Paragliding, rock climbing, rappelling, ropes course are planned amidst picturesque location. Promotion of fitness activities communicates the company’s commitment to ensure healthy employee. Such activities provide both mental and physical benefits boosting employee morale and improved communication. Interactions lead to a better understanding of roles and collaboration.

Nature Knights Camp:

Located near Mumbai, this retreat is a great locale for timeout and imbibing team spirit. It is roughly 120 km of total driving distance from the city. There are several fun activities to try out such as fishing, white water rafting, snorkelling, sailing etc. Tents along with the camping mats and sleeping bags are offered. Sprawling spaces are suitable for team games and recreation.

Nature Trails Resort:

After leaving the office complex, the resort can serve as a great spot for group outing. Organising exciting team games and conducting conferences could be a memorable experience. Among the plenty of activities options, forest trial may provide an opportunity to gain some valuable knowledge and experience. Corporate groups through field trips may visit the biomass project to learn about nature and ways to keep environment clean and safe.

The Malchan Resort

The private gateway or tree house is 2.5 hours of driving distance from Mumbai which requires covering 95 kilometres. It is constructed on a wild fig tree which equals 45 feet above the forest floor. Bird watching, exploring ancient forts, trekking, and water sports are ideal indulgence for co-workers to relax and unwind.


A corporate outing or picnic in Goa may provide the soothing atmosphere to look at positive side of things. The company of team members should be fun and indulging in water sport activities may sharpen the leadership skills. Bonding with co-workers, handling changes proactively and team management lessons can be also learnt through water adventure activities.

Kamath Residency Resort

There are several team building activities conducted here for an ideal corporate picnic. Adventure sports activities at the picnic spot near Mumbai are designed to be a challenging and life altering experience. It is suitable for people of almost all ages. Games like football, cricket, swimming, and table tennis can be enjoyed with co-workers at affordable rates.

Hidden Village Resort

The rustic atmosphere is perfectly suitable for a rural weekend trip of the corporate team. This natural retreat has several things to offer including tranquillity and solace. Fresh springs, flora and fauna and deep woods are great surroundings for a picnic. It is 1.5 hours of driving distance from Mumbai and an hour drive from Thane.

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A successful group outing trip requires pre-planning to ensure complete fun and relaxation. Get into the minute detail of things as there are many decisions to take and choices to make. For conducting group activities, presence of group members is required. Similarly, informing the other members about the whereabouts is equally important. Venue should be chosen as per liking of all members and outdoor options are plenty. Follow the below mentioned tips to make sure the group outing trip is a pleasurable and memorable experience for all:

Decide the participants, venue and budget
Basics like the people going, a suitable venue and the budget should be primarily looked after. Whether it’s corporate team outing, friends’ reunion or family trip, plan out the places to go, activities to indulge in and the expenses. Double check each and every detail by making phone calls, emails and other modes of communication. Different people may have different tastes and preferences in food, activities, and other things. Make ticket bookings, dinner reservations and planning after consulting all the participants of the journey.

Budget is a very important aspect of travelling. Take decisions and make choices which are affordable for all the travellers within the group. Accommodation, transport, food, activities and shopping are the main expenses. Assign a budget to each accordingly and all the group members should try to stick to it.

Research the venue
Choosing a destination is a big decision and it’s better to listen what everyone wants. Make a list of places based on feedback from all the group members. Ask some questions regarding their preference for such a destination. Different people will take about their experiences, knowledge and valuable information can be collected. Include all the members in the primary decision making process. The bigger this group, the more significance is carried by this step.

After finalizing a location, find the details regarding the venue to stay, the activities to indulge into, dining spots, accommodation options etc. Renting could be a possibility based on the duration of stay. Check out the rent of villas, hotels, resorts, private homes and other stay options to plan out things. Take the help of internet for it’s is a great source of reliable information. You may also consult the travel experts for a free advice or ask friends and colleagues to gather more information.

Book tickets, pack your bags and take the essential documents
After a thorough all round analysis, make the flight or train ticket bookings. Hotel room bookings should be followed up with this. Pack your bags based on the necessary things to be taken with. Make sure there are enough transportation options available in the selected venue for comfortable sightseeing tours. Prepare a list containing the phone and contact number of group members, fight arrival time, daily activities schedule and restaurant reservation schedules.
Don’t forget to carry the essential documents like driving license, passport, photo identity proof and others. All of the planning done before the trip is likely to pay back after arriving at the choice of venue.

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