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Why Spend Time With Your Family Instead On Your Phone!

Posted by: admin Posted on: June 7, 2018

Heck Yaa! This is one of the most touchiest topics I have ever encountered while dealing with my spouse or any other person I come face to face with.

Call it a rant or some crazy thought but aren’t  we spending a hell of a time on our Phones, Ipads , Laptops or even computers. (TV is sidelined nowadays as we get more than necessary information and entertainment on our phones via Whatsapp,FB and what not)

I am guilty of that too.For 2 full years I was hooked to this Whats app crazy phone.I was worse than a Cocaine Addict.Checking my Phone every 2 minutes to see what has popped up, Any new message, Any New Raunchy Video…Another Joke May be.

This rage for instant gratification went on so crazy that once I literally was going to ram my car into a person crossing the road. (That was a close call)

After that life altering event (For both of us 🙂 ),I decided to get rid of this pain in the butt.

You see,If you take a bird’s eye view of all these things happening, Our entertainment time has split from a Major 2 to 3 hours TV exposure to small minute bits of moments spread over the whole day.

While you might think that this is good and entertainment is always better,Think again.

What this is robbing you from is more important that what its giving you.

Firstly you are less productive.Lets face it. any person who focuses on a single job at hand without any distractions is going to be more effective,more efficient and fast compared to a person who is partially attentive.

Secondly and most importantly it robs your family of the quality time you could have spend with them. Now I have 2 daughters and when they ask me for my attention and i am engrossed in that stupid phone of mine,What signal am I giving them. Firstly not to listen.Cause I am not listening to them. And secondly pay more attention to your phone and not the person talking to you.

I also recognized that my daughters are getting bigger fast day by day and one time will come that I will be in the position craving for their attention and they would be the ones not paying attention to me.So I better Man up, Get my shit together and call off these little Temporary pleasure busters and pay attention and relish their childhood before its too late n vanishes in thin air!

Here are some Tips to tame this animal:

  • Mute all notifications: this is one of the best things you can do to increase your productivity at work.When your phone keeps on doing BEEP PEEP or whatever sound it does,You are distracted and it costs you efficiency.and efficiency is money man.
  • Schedule No Phone Time each day for at least 2 to 3 hours.Make sure you do not touch your phone.IF you can switch it off even better.Make sure you use that time to connect with your spouse,parents,kids,friends etc. I recently came to know about my favorite Mausi falling sick and I thought..I should have met her often,Spend more time with her. Use this time to connect with people.
  • Plan a No Phone Vacation with your family. I know its hard,you might lose business etc etc.But thats all BS. Switch it off from morning to evening  and check your messages and missed calls 1 hour at night.I promise you ,this works.after doing this,you will discover that it was not much of a deal.(Unless there is a critical situation).When you plan a vacation with your family, it if of utmost importance that you give attention to them and not anywhere else.

Follow these steps to Manage your Distraction and lead a Happy Life with your family.