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Top Unexplored Beaches Around Raigad

Posted by: admin Posted on: September 27, 2017

When we discuss about the beaches of Raigad, the most prominent spots that come to our mind are Vengurla, Ratanagiri, Harihareshwar, Diveagar and so on. These beaches are mainly known for their beautiful settings with sufficiently peaceful and tranquil environment. However, people visited in such places and seeking for changes can visit certain other sea-beaches which are mentioned below:


While travelling in between Shriwardhan and Diveagar people come across to a small village. After crossing this village up to Divegar visitors can see several unknown beaches having no names. These beaches are perfect spot for sharing intimate moment, group picnic, book reading, landscape paintings as well as varieties of out-door activities. People visiting these beaches will find no food stalls, restaurants, hotels as these places have not become quite popular yet. People can also visit these beaches from National Highway 17 travelling till Goregaon. In these beaches visitor will only experience tranquil and peaceful atmosphere and the vast stretches of sand in the beaches.

Murud and Kashid

Kashid is located about 35 km from Alibaugh and surrounded with Phansad Wildlife sanctuary. People visiting this place can see long and straight stretches of sand all over the beach. Here they have the option of getting accommodation in a local resort. The place is perfect for out-door activities like walking, book reading, portrait painting, group picnic and many more. On 15 km south of Kashid people can visit the Murud beach. The beach is mainly known for fishing activities of the local people. So people visiting here can enjoy variety of sea foods at an affordable market price. The beach is also ideal for evening strolling and other out-door activities. Janjira fort is another attraction of this place and people must not miss this at any cost.

Kelshi and Velas

The beach of Velas is comparatively smaller and people visiting here can see many species of turtles crawling in the sand beach. The place allows perfect strolling across the beach, group picnic as well as hosts of other out-door activities. Visitors can enjoy the breezing winds to refresh their mind and body. The beach of Kelshi is bigger in size and is located about 15 km from Velas. Both these beaches can be easily reached through the routes of National Highway 17 from Goregaon to Mandangad.

Beaches of Nagav, Ashti, Kihim, Chaul

There are many secluded and beautiful sea beaches near Alibaugh that include Chaul, Kihim, Nagav, Ashti and many more. As these beaches have received less spotlights so many people do not about them. But these beaches provide unique option of spending quality times with our friends and families. In these beaches visitors have the scope of watching many migrant birds and new species of aquatic animals. The fresh air of these beaches will surely rejuvenate the stamina of the people. People seeking to escape the city noise can visit here often to enjoy the calm and tranquil atmosphere for meditation.