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3 Hot Monsoon Weekend Getaway Themes Near Mumbai and Pune

Posted by: admin Posted on: September 13, 2017

The most romantic season is here. Flora and fauna are waking up to fresh air and water. Where are you? It doesn’t take much to chill out during monsoons. You just need to let your hair down and step outside.

But if you want to have some more fun with your loved ones, here are top 3 favorite monsoon getaway themes that will not empty your pockets. And remember, monsoon are just something good for our ecosystem, it also gets along some significant “Monsoon Offers & Deep Discounts” for holiday seekers.

Weekend Getaways That DO NOT Empty Pockets!

Rain Dance at the Dome followed by Garam Pakoda Chai

No. 1: Rain-dance & Cuppa Garam Chai & Onion Pakodas – Did you ever try this? I bet, 4 out of 5 people have not tried this on a weekend, well almost. You might have had one of these or two, but just try doing this with your friends this weekend and have a blast. Catch the magic moments on your digicam and share them on Facebook. Then invite more friends to join you the next weekend for a Monsoon Meetup and voila! You have a mini bash at almost no cost.

Want to make this happen at a picnic destination with larger space and other fun activities to do?

  • Monsoon Day Picnics start at Rs.650/- Per Person (Minimum 20 people
  • Includes sumptuous Breakfast, Veg-Non-Veg Lunch and Evening Snac
  • Add to it Rain-dance at the special dome in the resort and there you go!

Jungle Trek In Monsoons Are 100% More Fun

No. 2: Jungle Trekking & Waterfalls & Valley View – If are staying at places close to mountainous terrains, you are in for some healthy monsoon fun. For every valley turns into a small jungle, mysteriously surrounded by lush greenery and with every downpour there is a waterfall formed. Now this might sound quite commonsensical, isn’t it? However, if you are the type that loves rains, drag along a couple of friends for a monsoon hike to nearby mountains. It will be and amazing experience, and a great opportunity for all of you to break free of flooded city-streets, chaotic traffic snarls and hum-drum drudgery of live!

In Monsoons Konkan Road Are Walking In Heaven

If you want a well-organized trip, plan a Trek To The Kansai Waterfalls.

  • At Rs.950/- Per Person (Minimum 20 people), you will enjoy
  • Sumptous Breakfast, Veg-Non-Veg Lunch, Evening Snacks and
  • A Guided Jungle Trek To The Waterfalls!
  • Kayaking and White Water Rafting near Mumbai


No. 3: White Water Rafting & Kayaking & Adrenalin Pumping – Now this is strictly for the outgoing and adventure loving fellow in you. And specially for those of you who want to do all of the above and get lot’s of “get-back-to-work” dosage for the next couple of months. For nothing can be as spectacular as white water river rafting on the Kundalika River. Exciting rapids will carry you through 90 minutes challenging your extreme courage and guts. During monsoons, when the river water is at its peak, you can get maximum fun. And there are other activities like kayaking, river crossing and boating through the river.

Need I say that this is the most happening of all monsoon weekend getaway themes? Check out this exciting package from Kamath Residency Resort near Kolad,

  • Stay With Rafting Monsoon Weekend Getaw
  • 1Day/1Night Stay In A/c Cottage with 1st Day Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner at the reso
  • Next day morning – Rafting Activity, Lunch, Departur
  • Transport has to be arranged by the guests and is not includ
  • Charges are Rs. 4000/- Per Person For a Group of 4 People Or Rs. 5000/- Per Couple

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