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7 Group Outing Ideas to make your company picnic near Mumbai memorable

Posted by: admin Posted on: September 12, 2017

Mumbai and nearby areas have many spots to serve as suitable corporate picnic location. It doesn’t mean going away from civilization and leaving civic amenities behind. Group lunches, dinners and coffee outings could be a great way to understand co-workers in a social situation. Celebration of a colleague’s birthday to a long term worker’s farewell, a company picnic could be a memorable experience. Mumbai is widely referred as dream city and there are many scenic locations for a perfect company picnic here. Some of these are as mentioned below:

Nirvana Adventure Camp:

There are several sport or fitness activities for employees to indulge in this delightful place. Paragliding, rock climbing, rappelling, ropes course are planned amidst picturesque location. Promotion of fitness activities communicates the company’s commitment to ensure healthy employee. Such activities provide both mental and physical benefits boosting employee morale and improved communication. Interactions lead to a better understanding of roles and collaboration.

Nature Knights Camp:

Located near Mumbai, this retreat is a great locale for timeout and imbibing team spirit. It is roughly 120 km of total driving distance from the city. There are several fun activities to try out such as fishing, white water rafting, snorkelling, sailing etc. Tents along with the camping mats and sleeping bags are offered. Sprawling spaces are suitable for team games and recreation.

Nature Trails Resort:

After leaving the office complex, the resort can serve as a great spot for group outing. Organising exciting team games and conducting conferences could be a memorable experience. Among the plenty of activities options, forest trial may provide an opportunity to gain some valuable knowledge and experience. Corporate groups through field trips may visit the biomass project to learn about nature and ways to keep environment clean and safe.

The Malchan Resort

The private gateway or tree house is 2.5 hours of driving distance from Mumbai which requires covering 95 kilometres. It is constructed on a wild fig tree which equals 45 feet above the forest floor. Bird watching, exploring ancient forts, trekking, and water sports are ideal indulgence for co-workers to relax and unwind.


A corporate outing or picnic in Goa may provide the soothing atmosphere to look at positive side of things. The company of team members should be fun and indulging in water sport activities may sharpen the leadership skills. Bonding with co-workers, handling changes proactively and team management lessons can be also learnt through water adventure activities.

Kamath Residency Resort

There are several team building activities conducted here for an ideal corporate picnic. Adventure sports activities at the picnic spot near Mumbai are designed to be a challenging and life altering experience. It is suitable for people of almost all ages. Games like football, cricket, swimming, and table tennis can be enjoyed with co-workers at affordable rates.

Hidden Village Resort

The rustic atmosphere is perfectly suitable for a rural weekend trip of the corporate team. This natural retreat has several things to offer including tranquillity and solace. Fresh springs, flora and fauna and deep woods are great surroundings for a picnic. It is 1.5 hours of driving distance from Mumbai and an hour drive from Thane.

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