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Best 5 activities to arrange for your weekend outings near Bombay and Pune

Posted by: admin Posted on: September 28, 2017

Weekends are great a relief after a busy week at workplace. Instead of lazing around, it may be better to plan for adventurous and fun outdoor activities. It is a great way to involve friends or family members to have a chat and laugh. Such activities can be a much needed escape from the weekly wear and tear. Given below is a list of activities which can be pursued to have a perfect weekend outing.


It refers to living outdoors by using tent for a shelter which tests the strength, coordination and flexibility. Campers move away from civilization into nature’s wilderness for one or extra nights. The campsites are designed to make space other activities like swimming, hiking, binge drinking and fishing. A wide selection of tent camping equipments should be carried for serving different purposes. In many instances, the campers use campfire to prepare food by cooking. There are some tent camping sites which are reachable by car. Those who are looking for a rugged experience outdoors may also camp under the sky without any shelter.

Outdoor photography

Photography has grown into a full time hobby with people of different age groups. It allows one to be creative by capturing images of landscapes, birds, objects, etc. Each photo can be almost like stealing a moment from colorful surroundings. Making the subject appear attractive and centre of attention should be the real approach. There are many choices around to select a digital camera, SLR camera, DSLR camera or even some smartphones come with high quality inbuilt camera.
The dawn or dusk period can be a great time to click snapshots. There is warm and golden color which can make the subject strikingly beautiful.


Swimming in natural clean waters with friends can be quite exciting after a busy week. It is not just about a swimming pool but people are gradually exploring nearby lakes and rivers for swimming. The location should be within a walking distance or convenient distance. A scorching sunny day or rainy day can be suitable time to experience the fun out of a swimming session. Basic things like towel, swimming costume, sun screen lotion, hats and bags should be carried comfortably to the place.
Bird watching

Sitting with friends at an outdoor location and watching different species of birds can be relaxing. Many birds migrate from one place to another or even one country to another. Watching them flying, feeding, and nesting brings you closer to nature. It is quite easy to get started with things like binoculars, food, or even a camera. It can also enrich the knowledge about different birds while sharing thoughts with like-minded company. One can also spread some food and water on a space to find out if the birds are interested or not.


There would be few people on this earth with a dislike for cricket. Planning a match between two teams comprising family members and friends would be fun. It will be almost like a reunion and having drinks and food options is a great addition. Holding the bat and scoring runs will also bring back happy memories of childhood.

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