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Top adventure activities to expect at a resort near Mumbai and Pune

Posted by: admin Posted on: September 28, 2017

There are some resorts in Maharashtra which provide varieties of adventurous activities to its boarders that need to be participated in groups. As a result there develops a feeling of team spirit among every boarder which helps them to a considerable extent in their future course of life. In this respect the most prominent resort that comes to our mind is Kamath Residency Nature Resort. This resort is located in-between Pune and Mumbai and is ideal for spending vacations with children, friends and families. The resort is known for varieties of adventure activities mentioned below:

Rock climbing

Only physically fit boarders are allowed to participate in this adventurous activity. It begins in the early morning under the supervision of a trained expertise person. The nearby hill in the resort serves as a perfect place for rock climbing. Both men and women can participate in this game. The resort arranges for food and water for the participants. Before participating in the activity they have to register themselves paying a nominal amount and the resort will not be responsible in case of cancellation of the sport because of adverse weather.

Water Rafting

This is the most exciting water sport and participants have to register before joining it. For this game the ideal spot is Kundalika River. Participants must be physically and mentally strong and must not have problems like asthma. Children below the age of 12 years are not allowed to participate in this game. The game begins quite early in the early under the supervision of experienced rafter. The resort will not refund if the sport is cancelled due to bad weather.

Mountain Bike riding

This adventure activity requires lot of physical strength and fitness for participating. It involves riding in the rocky terrain of Western Ghats and plateau region for enjoying fun and experience. Young men and women are only allowed to participate in this game under the supervision of experienced rider. The resort is not liable for any expenditure in case of any injury to the participant.

Jet Ski

This adventurous activity is mainly concentrated around nearby river of the resort. Both men and women boarders can participate in this game. They need to pay a special charge to participate in this activity. People having any sort of nerve problem will not be allowed to participate in the game. The game starts early morning and participants have the scope of enjoying fresh morning air while playing the game. The boarders must participate on their own responsibility.

Flying fox

The game is truly adventures and participants must be strong and flexible enough to play this game. The resort makes perfect arrangement for such game including strong rope and cables. The boarders have to move from one end to another end withthe help of these ropes and cables. The game is monitored by professional supervisors who check the quality of the ropes and cables before allowing the participants to use.