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Why Take A Vacation?….. I’ll just go to the mall instead!

Posted by: admin Posted on: September 28, 2017

Hi, Gopal Kamath Here.
That’s what many of us think when we really get bored working week after week without a break. We actually start thinking that Sundays …(When most of us get up late in the mornings…) are our vacation days!
If that’s what you think, Let me tell you a story!
I used to think the same way a couple of years back. Even though I own a resort,I never used to go out or take my family with me. Years and years of continuous work did get me the financial success I had planned for. But this only happened at the cost of my family.

My wife and I were not that connected as when we had married. My kids were into their own thing as they had pretty lost touch of what it was like getting their father to play with them.

Whenever I came home from work, It was the usual Grind…Eat Dinner, Watch Tv and go to sleep.

Then once while I was travelling, I was watching a old lady sitting next to me.She was talking on the phone and I could make out it was her grand kid on the other side. They were talking pretty deeply connected and It stuck me that how much time she must have invested in developing that relationship with her grand kid.
Then it dawned on me that if I do not spend this time…the foundation of developing relationships with my Wife and Kids…There will be nothing justify for them to share when they get big or old.

Work is Important but ‘ Family Comes First’.
You have got to balance both the things if you really want to live a fulfilled life.

Taking vacations gives you the opportunity to develop those intimate moments with your family and loved ones and lets you strengthen that bond. It gives you a mush needed Uninterrupted time and situation where you can create quality memories with them, Moments of joy which you will store in your brain and keep recollecting every now and then.

Robin Sharma The great motivational speaker and Management guru recommends that you should take 1 week off after every 4 weeks of hard focused work. Although doing that might not be possible for you,You can still take a week off every 3 to 6 months to reload that hard disk in your brain and add some great memories to it.

Happy Vacationing,
Gopal Kamath